Kitchen Design & Renovations

When you make the decision to upgrade your kitchen, do you really want to build using a flat packed unit, filled with hundreds of bits that has never been fully assembled and checked for measurements? While it may be cheaper, what about the man hours needed to get everything assembled, fitted and looking right?

With a Joyce kitchen, you don’t have to worry about any of those hassles. Not only do we custom design every kitchen to your individual space, size and budget; we assemble the whole thing before it even leaves our warehouse. We make sure every measurement is correct, every angle is spot on and every unit fits perfectly, so when we come to fit your new kitchen, it slides in like putting a hand into a glove.

We will measure your kitchen space, photograph and take note of existing lighting, and discusses with you the type, layout and style of kitchen you want. Your renovation project will be managed by one of our Joyce design and project specialists, from start right through to completion and beyond. Our 3D design software can show you what your finished kitchen will look like, even before the first panel has been cut. That way, you can make any minor changes or additions to ensure your renovated kitchen will be exactly what you want. If you can envisage it, Joyce can design, build and install it.

After your individually designed kitchen is manufactured, checked and assembled, it will be delivered and installed by our professional installation tradesmen. Here at Joyce, we don’t leave anything to chance. If there is a slight runout on a wall or a dip or raised area on the floor, even the best designed and built cabinets will not sit true. Hiring our professional team to install your new kitchen means we can adjust each element of the fitting process as needed and on site. Our installation team will give you a perfectly level, almost seamless kitchen that fits from wall to wall and as designed.

After Sales Service Second to None

One of the main areas of concerns with new renovation customers is ‘what if something goes wrong’? What if in the next year or the year after some of the cabinet doors don’t fit properly? Well, houses do move, screws can become loose over time and materials can shrink and expand with climate and temperature changes.

With a custom designed kitchen from Joyce, you needn’t worry about things like that. A quick call to our office and we will have one of our specialist installers visit and re-align your doors and cabinets. It is all part of the service with Joyce Kitchens.

You may think that others can do the same and by rights, they can, if they are still around. But do you really want to risk one of your biggest refurbishment projects to an outside company that has been around for only a short time, has all their profits transferred overseas, uses overseas bulk manufacturing, or can be closed down on the say so of some faceless owner¬†in a foreign country… or would you rather have an Australian name that has been around for over 130 years and will continue to be around to service your warranty and future needs?

Proudly Local

With all our kitchen renovations we use local designers, locally made products (wherever possible), with all manufacturing done right here in Perth, Western Australia. Joyce Kitchens is an Australian owned local company committed to it’s local heritage and customers. So for your kitchen renovation project, why would you choose anything other than a Joyce Kitchen?

20% Off Kitchen Cabinets Sale!

For a limited time all new full kitchen projects will receive 20% off the price of your custom made cabinets! Visit one of our showrooms or book a consultation online today to take advantage of this special offer!

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