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One of the first things we think about when renovating our kitchen, is better and easier storage. We’re all tired of stuff breaking in drawers, knifes getting blunt, not finding what we need… or worse, finding what you need but at the bottom of a drawer underneath a bunch of other kitchen equipment. So choosing drawers which suit you and your kitchen, is an ultimatum.

Store, protect, find and reach your kitchenware

Your drawers get used on a daily basis, and some of them get slammed pretty hard from time to time. That is why we choose to work with the best hardware. All of our hinges and drawers are soft closing as standard.

We have a wide variety of drawer options, as every cabinet is different and every household needs drawers for storing all kinds of stuff.

Cutlery Drawer

Bin Drawer

Corner Drawer

Internal Drawer

Small Drawer

Regular Drawer


Spice Drawer

Dishwasher Drawer

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