The finishing touch to your kitchen is your splashback. As well as protecting your walls from grease and cooking stains, a splashback can tie your kitchen into the rest of the home through a range of materials, including clear and coloured glass, metaline and the latest exciting option of seamless porcelain.

Protect your kitchen with a custom designed splashback

Whether you have a modern or traditional kitchen, a good splashback is essential. Not only does it prevent long-term damage from stains or grease sprays, it also adds an element of flair to any kitchen design.

Stone splashbacks

When you choose to have a stone benchtop, you should consider having a stone splashback as well to create a beautiful and seamless design. We can make the pattern of the stone run through your entire kitchen. We have a wide variety of stone: engineered stone splashbacks, marble splashbacks, granite splashbacks, porcelain splashbacks… All with the benefits of colour continuity, easy to clean, toughness and grout-free finishes. When installing a splashback in the same colour as your benchtop, you will only work with one stonemason which makes fewer trades involved in your kitchen renovation process.

Glass splashbacks

At Joyce Kitchens, our glass splashbacks are made of durable glass which is locally crafted. These glass splashbacks are resistant to scratches, impacts and exposure to acidic substances. This makes them easy to clean and maintain for years. Besides the variety of colours and finishes you can obtain, our splashbacks also come in different patterns, mirrored surfaces or you can even get photographs printed onto splashbacks.

Alternative splashbacks

We offer alternative splashback options as well. We design and install stainless steel splashbacks, Metaline splashbaks and tile splashbacks. Here again, we have a wide variety of colours and finishes to choose from so these surfaces match the design of your kitchen, while still offering it the best protection.

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