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Cabinet Options

Are you in need of bigger storage? Or do you want to easily reach your appliances and kitchen ware? Or maybe you need a massive pantry to stock all your food supplies?
Have a look at our cabinet options, and make your life easier.

Bigger, better, easier to reach...

We know one of the main issues in a household is all the stuff you collect over the years. And in the bigger families, you need massive pantries to stock your food supplies.

That is why we design custom storage cabinets that will suit your kitchen. We have a wide variety of storage solutions:

  • Kitchen pantries
  • Corner pantries
  • Custom corner cabinets
  • Overhead cabinets
  • Automatic cabinets
  • Scullery storage
  • 180 degree pantries
  • Breakfast bar storage
  • Kitchen roller door cabinets
  • Pantry shelving
  • Staircase storage
  • Open front pantry cabinets
  • Kitchen appliance storage
  • Glass door cabinets
  • Custom wine racks
  • … you name it

Roller Door Cabinet

Internal Drawers

Breakfast Bar Cabinet

Custom Wine Rack

Corner Pantry

Glass Door Cabinet

Appliance Storage

Benchtop Extension

Kitchen Pantry

Open-Front Pantry

Open Shelving

Overhead Cabinets

Pantry Shelving

Scullery Shelving

Pullout Pantry

Pigeon Holes

Staircase Cupboard

Roller Door Cabinet

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