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Laundry Design And Renovation Perth

For most, washing clothes isn’t a fun activity. But that doesn’t mean your laundry room should be ignored when renovating. A good laundry design and renovation, can be so efficient and convenient, you’ll be wishing you had more dirty clothes!

Custom Built

Not only do we custom design every laundry to your individual space, size and budget. We assemble it completely before it even leaves our warehouse. We make sure every measurement is correct, every angle is spot on and every unit fits perfectly. So when we come to fit your new laundry, it slides in like putting a hand into a glove.

Highest Quality

We strive to deliver only the best materials. In particular our door hinges and drawer runners, who come from suppliers like Blum, the leading Austrian engineered hardware on the market. Our benchtop range is superior and abundant, including Caesar Stone, SmartStone and many other brands to choose from.

3D Design

Our 3D design software can show you what your laundry will look like. Even before the first panel has been cut. That way, you can make any minor changes or additions to ensure your laundry renovation will be exactly what you want.
If you can envisage it, Joyce Kitchens can design, build and install it.

Designed For Your Convenience

Building and renovating a laundry has its own difficulties to overcome. Especially when all the units need to be individually designed, custom made and installed. In addition to the lighting, your wall and floor coverings need to be taken into account. Your laundry also has water condensation to consider. Next to that, cupboard space, work surfaces, as well as hidden cupboards for ironing boards and internal airing racks will be designed if needed.

Our specialist laundry design and renovation team will ensure that every aspect is taken into consideration. Like where the dryer will be situated for example. Because condensation must be easily transferred to an outside wall to allow the space to remain dry and condensation free.

Expert Craftsmanship

For laundry renovations and designs, we look at what type of washing machine will be fitted. The difference between a front loader and top loader will affect the position the machine will have in the laundry. This can also affect the amount of worktop space available by the laundry sink. Your Joyce Kitchens design expert will be able to provide you with a 3D computer image to show you just what will work.

“And then I heard my sock say, ‘let’s play hide and seek.’”

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Sophisticated Dark Grey/Brown Kitchen

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