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‘Renovating is generally a once in a lifetime experience and it can be like giving birth to something beautiful, a dream come true,’ – Francois Greyvenstein, Senior Designer, Joyce Kitchens


When you engage a qualified and experienced designer to work with you on your renovation project, you are putting the job in the hands of a professional who’s seen hundreds of beautiful concepts through to completion.


Joyce Kitchens Senior Designer Francois Greyvenstein is notorious for providing exceptional customer service and attention to detail.


‘If I can make a renovation a pleasurable experience for my client, exceeding their expectations, my company and I will be forever remembered and I gain a client for life,’ he said.


‘There is nothing more rewarding than when they come back to me for another renovation or they  refer all their family and friends.


‘That’s what my aim is:  To capture the hearts and inspire the minds of my clients and to be someone they can trust.’


Joyce Kitchens has nine Senior Designers with international experience, who know what works and what problems to avoid. Creating a vision is part of the process, making sure it all functions seamlessly, is another.


The mission of a kitchen designer is to:

  • Achieve better functionality, work-flow and aesthetic appeal by advising on modern trends and under-utilised spaces,
  • Consider how family lifestyles and needs may evolve over time,
  • Present options to transform rooms into visually attractive and exciting spaces, using colours, design, technology and other features; and,
  • Add tangible re-sale value to homes.


‘Every one of my clients is unique and I need to make sure that I listen and understand their lifestyle and their needs,’ Francois said.


‘Kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, outdoor kitchens and walk-in-robes are key areas in people’s homes, I keep up-to-date with the latest trends, technologies and ideas around enhancing look and functionality. Once that’s understood, I present quality 3D designs to inspire them.


‘When they ask me questions, I want them to know that I have the knowledge and the design flair to offer the best advice. One needs superb communication and problem solving skills to achieve this.


‘My clients appreciate the fact that I achieve excellent results for them by repurposing under-utilised spaces and giving broader design advice around lighting, colour combinations and the like.


‘It is also imperative to stay in contact without being overbearing and pushy. Above all, a designer needs to keep their promises and be available.  My clients want to know that they are important to me, not just before a contract is signed, but till the final payment has been made.  I want to deliver the best service that I can, the way that I would want to be served if I were them.’


Francois has found that going the extra mile has paid off time and time again.


‘My customers value the time and effort that I put into each design, especially my willingness to do adjustments and assess different options for them. It is much better to do alterations at the design stage whilst it costs no extra – only my time and effort.  Changes at installation are costly and time consuming for my client and my company, so I definitely try to avoid that occurring.’


The bottom line is that Francois’ work has been enjoyed by singles, couples and families throughout Perth on a daily basis over many, many years.


‘You can’t help but wake up and go into work feeling really good about that,’ he said.