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Eric Sudarso – Designer

Designer at Joyce Kitchens

Interior Designer Eric Sudarso has specialised in kitchen design since he finished his degree at Curtin University 20 years ago.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts Interior Architecture in 2001, he moved to New South Wales and began his first job at a designer kitchen company called Red Jaffa where he gained great experience designing for a variety of clients over a five-year period.

When he returned to Perth, he launched his own company with a business partner called Design Ino, where the pair worked for 11 years providing interior design consultation and design services for residential housing and commercial projects.

Born in Indonesia, Eric is fluent in both English and Bahasa Indonesia, which means he can provide helpful advice and assistance for many people including our Indonesian and Malaysian clientele. 

In 2014, he returned to Indonesia for a brief period to work on a couple of projects, working with a company called Indowood Garage, where he gained a lot of experience working with a variety of timber types, something he has always been curious about.

He then returned to Perth and worked again in the kitchen design industry for five years working at a Perth cabinet company.

“I just love designing kitchens, the best aspect would be seeing my clients happy with my work,” he said. “I am a very systematic kind of person, so I enjoy the whole process of kitchen design and transforming what is a very used area of the home into a functional and ergonomic space. 

“When I first meet with a client, I like to talk to them about how they work in the kitchen and then I can design based on how they move in the space. 

“I like them to open up to me and show me how they are in their natural element and what styles they like through images. Design for me, is about the client telling me what they want because they are the ones who have to live in the space. Once we have that starting point, then I can come in with design advice and solutions.”

Eric Sudarso